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Welcome to LEIBA
What is LEIBA? Leiba is a commercial manufactorer of so called velomobiles. A velomobile or bicycle car is a (mostly three-wheeled) human-powered vehicle, fully enclosed for protection from weather and possibly from collisions. In comparison with an automobile velomobiles are environment-friendly and zero emission vehicles.
The philosophy from LEIBA is to offer velomobiles, that meet demands for a beautiful, aerodynamic design and a save, eco-friendly locomotion in the road traffic. At the same time velomobiles from Leiba are vehicles for the everyday life
Velomobiles from Leiba are made from light and high-quality materials like aluminium and fibre reinforced plastic (FRP). Thereby velocities up to 50 km/h are  possible with pure muscle power - adequate fitness preconditioned.
To speed through the traffic jam in the city -  with a Leiba no problem! To do one´s shopping with a LEIBA means no problems with parking space and parking costs. Of course, there´s sufficient hold for small shoppings.
Are you also annoyed about the gas prices? Do you think that modern life requires a healthy, an environmentally friendly and socio-responsible mobility? Then don´t hesitate and contact us.
Your LEIBA-Team 
Die neue LEIBA Rekord!
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